Lilium - a new series, coming soon



"Is there even a virtual and a real world?"

Lilium Studio is my wonderful virtual work space to show and share, communicate quickly, collaborate effectively.
And a place where clients can get in touch!

Curious mind? The name goes back to my physical studio, with a lily on a shabby-chic wooden old-world window shutter. Well, and to my name.

So, welcome to Lilium Studio 2.0.

I'm a native German speaker, a freelance translator with years of experience, and I offer English to German translation and copywriting, at least that's what I offer in this virtual world and what you can hire me for ...


for a living


I do English to German translation, I do it well, and if you need someone to get across what you want to say in German, I'm the person you want to hire!
Website, app, book or game, Amazon listing or pretty much anything else that's at least a little bit interesting, send a mail and let's talk about your project!


You have copy that needs some updating or need something new? I'm mostly writing copy for Amazon listings, so if that's what you need, you've come to the right place, but I also take other projects, just shoot me a mail and ask.
Just don't ask me to write a book for you, I only write books for myself, sorry.


I write books. Modern urban and medieval fantasy, to be precise. Books for children too. But as that's nothing I'm offering to do for others, it doesn't really belong here ...

Oh! And I own an actual shop!

Not even just a virtual shop at my own domain and on Amazon but also a lovely tiny brick & mortar shop! Must know how it looks "on the other side" to deliver great translations and copy that sells! What I sell? Well, it's a true passion project and ... but that doesn't really belong here either ;)


Thank You